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[SS] The Light Beneath the Door

[SS] The Light Beneath the Door


Just one step.

I can see the exit. The light beneath the door calls to me, but my back is to the wall, and my feet are glued to the ground. It's only twenty paces away. Darkness surrounds me.

Move, dammit...

Uneasy dread permeates throughout my body. Unnatural fear—the likes of which I've never felt—grips me. Controls me.


I haven't the strength, nor the will.

Move or die.

I remember my mother's words.


I flex my calves.


Quick breaths. Quick breaths.


My desire to live overwhelms my fear of death, and I take off. As soon as my foot hits the floor, I hear it. A low chuckle echoes from the hallway to my right. I ignore it.


I block out everything else. I see the path in front of me. The bookshelves at my side dissolve away. I leap past the glass coffee table. Only the light matters.

I'm almost at the door.

I keep running. I can make it. I can taste freedom. The bookshelves disappear past my peripheral, the glass coffee table is but an obst—.

I freeze.

The chuckle from the hallway grows louder. The light beneath the door is faint. Bookshelves line the wall of the study. A half-drunk glass of whiskey has left a water ring on the glass coffee table in front of me. I look up shakily at the door.

Twenty paces.

Shadowy tendrils infiltrate the room as I come to terms with my fate. An incorporeal shape begins to form in front of me. Steel blades materialize from its sides, and I sink to the ground. The chuckle twists into a ghastly snicker. I can sense it. The nightmare before me is hungry, and the steel is cold against my neck.

The light beneath the door is gone.


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