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Welcome to my blog. I occasionally write about League of Legends and travel to cool places.

[POEM] Eternal Rest

[POEM] Eternal Rest

Hush, be still, and listen close,

In silence, you shall hear

The wandering steps of Lamb and Wolf,

And Death, who follows near.


Release yourself, release your fear,

Their judgment is absolute.

Accept your final breaths and take

Your pick between two routes.


Lamb's respite is swift and kind,

A painless end awaits.

Resist, and Wolf will hunt you down,

The earth, his dinner plate.


It matters not your house nor creed,

Death will come unstinted.

Rest; depart the mortal plane,

Relinquish all to Kindred.


[SS] A Minor Inconvenience

[SS] A Minor Inconvenience

[SS] Stands for Violence

[SS] Stands for Violence