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[SS] The First Truth Bearer

[SS] The First Truth Bearer

In the beginning, there was time, and there was the Entity. It was the intangible force that spurred time forward. It had no name, no form, no physical proof of existence, and yet its presence was undeniable.

As time pressed on, other Beings entered the world, spawned from some unknown energy. As the universe expanded and the Beings brought forth their own creations, the Entity remained impartial, merely an ever-present force that all life was unwittingly drawn to. Civilizations across the cosmos came and went; always they prayed to one of the many Beings, but never did the Entity ever reach their prayers.

The Entity didn’t mind the lack of devotions because it didn’t concern itself much with the specific activities of the cosmic creatures. Every universe had endless galaxies, every galaxy had billions of stars and planets, every planet had countless races, civilizations, and individuals— and the Entity was responsible for the forward motion of every single one of them. As long as every living creature followed his/her desire, the Entity was content; as life forged its way forward, the universe moved towards its destiny.

Eons passed without a prayer for the Entity, until one day a young woman’s voice reached out. She was angry and in anguish, crying for her murdered mother. Hatred filled her heart as the desire for revenge consumed her. She screamed towards the sky, “If any of you Gods are listening, know this! I will not stand for this injustice; I will not sit idly by as the heavens smite me with ill fates; I will not let my mother's murderer live another day; I will chase that man to every corner of Runeterra until the end of time, and I will erase his existence from this world!"

Something was different about this woman, and it intrigued the Entity. Revenge was a common motivation for action, but the purity of this woman spoke to it in a way nothing else had since the beginning of time. Her heart was broken, but pure, stitched together by sheer willpower. She possessed incredible kindness, and at the same time boundless courage. She was different from all who’d come before her, and she would shape the future. The Entity saw into her and locked an image of a fabled creature. It spun a miniscule sphere into creation and hurtled it through space.

Cynna sat back down on the beach and cradled her mother’s head in her lap. Her outburst had winded her, and emotions threatened to overwhelm her. Rage, betrayal, pain, and sadness coursed through her veins. She looked up at the sky, where she could see a growing pale blue light streaking across the stars. As it continued to grow in size and brightness, Cynna came to the sudden realization it was coming straight at her. She hurried to her feet and picked up her mother, preparing to run away. The light was blinding, and its speed was unrelenting. Just before it threatened to obliterate them, however, it stopped short. Not three feet away, a glowing sphere of cosmic energy hovered above the ground; the light was now contained within the object and it emanated a pulsing hum.

It beckoned to her.

Cynna lay her mother back on the ground and reached out her hand towards the sphere. Just as her hand touched it, ghostly tentacles sprouted from inside it, and she screamed as the tentacles reft her soul from her body. She was in disbelief, but her eyes couldn’t look away from her separated spectral self in front of her. More tentacles appeared from below the surface all around her and began barraging her physical being. The ground shook with every attack, and— though Cynna tried to dodge the seemingly never-ending bombardment— she could feel herself getting pulled back, away from her soul.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to end. Were the Gods punishing her for her earlier action? Or was this just another ill fate that had befallen her? How could she falter now after her declaration against the world? How could she face her mother in the afterlife if— she saw him. She broke free of the tentacles and stood, and— against the tentacles, and against the weight of her self-declared burden— she lay witness to the ethereal image that had replaced her soul. It was her father.

The desire to put him in the ground was astounding.

Her eyes narrowed, and her vision tunneled on the man in front of her. With a war cry, she burst past the otherworldly tentacles and drew her knife from her thigh sheath. Just as she was about to stab through her mother’s murderer, his image shimmered away, and her own soul returned. Cautiously, she stepped through it, and the tentacles and light disappeared.

She surveyed her surroundings. Was that all just a hallucination? Or was it something more? She turned to look behind her when her feet brushed against something cold and smooth.

The remnants of a spherical shell lay on the ground at her feet, broken in pieces. What it had contained, however, was an artifact of some kind in a shape resembling a hydra’s head. Cynna picked it up by the handle, and her mind was suddenly flooded with purpose and truth. The essence of life and the entropy of the universe were all interconnected, and each pushed the other towards its destiny. She could feel the flow of the cosmos, the spirits of the creatures all around her, and the power her new God had bestowed upon her.

She knew then that she’d been chosen, and that her path had changed dramatically. She looked to the sea just as a giant tentacle slithered beneath the waves. It was the monster in the deep that fishermen, pirates, and sailors had feared for centuries. Cynna knew now, it wasn’t just some monster. She could feel it in her bones, through her hand that gripped the handle— this was no ordinary artifact, nor was it in the shape of a hydra. This was a physical symbol of the deity, her deity, and She would not tolerate doubt nor restraint. Cynna's hand clutched the idol tightly, and she tingled with excitement as a newfound understanding of reality washed over her. Her rage from before had settled from a violent storm at sea to a whirlpool; her anger was no less powerful, but it was focused, and her mind was clear.

Cynna was Her prophet, the sole bearer of the truth. Visions of her new god flashed through her mind; She had so many names, She was omnipresent in the universe, and She was both known yet unknown to all living creatures. The Bearded Lady, the Mother Serpent, the Great Kraken.


[SS] The Final Performance

[SS] The Final Performance