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Kol'Tul, The Void Architect


1.      Architect

2.      Cleanse the non-Void

3.      Perfectionist

Health: 575 – 2207 (+96)

Attack Damage: 58 – 117.5 (+3.5)

Health Regen: 8 – 22.5 (+0.8529)

Attack Speed: 0.625 – 0.983 (+2.7%)

Mana: 400 – 1080 (+40)

Armor: 25 – 96.4 (+4.2)

Mana Regen: 7 – 18.9 (+0.7)

Magic Resist: 32.1 – 53.4 (+1.2529)     

Range: 150

Move Speed: 340

Passive – Remnant Energy: Every few seconds, Kol’Tul’s palms resonate with void energy, dealing bonus magic damage to the target and leaving behind void residue in an area around it which deals magic damage per half second for 2 seconds. Basic attacks lower this cooldown by 1 second.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Bonus Magic Damage: 40 – 210 [scales with level]

Residue Damage per half second: 10 – 61 [scales with level] [MAX 40 - 244]


Q – Void Gate: Spawns a void gate that, after a brief delay, generates void energy and deals magic damage to enemies and stuns them for 1 second.

Mana Cost: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Target Range: 600

Effect Range: 700

Magic Damage: 50 / 90 / 130 / 170/ 210 (+0.3 AP) (+2.5% max hp)


W – Void Dome: Creates a dome around Kol’Tul for a few seconds. While in the dome, Kol’Tul has bonus armor and magic resist. When the dome is completed, Void energy is generated inside, shocking enemies. At the end of the duration, the shock damage is applied again.

Mana Cost: 50

Cooldown: 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 seconds

Effect Radius: 400

Duration: 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8 seconds

Bonus Armor/Magic Resist: 20 / 32.5 / 45 / 57.5 / 70

Shock Damage: 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (0.3 AP) (+2.5% max hp)


E – Void Bridge:  Builds a void bridge that lasts for 4 seconds. After a short delay, the bridge is energized by the void, giving allies movement speed for 1.5 seconds and slowing and dealing damage to enemies on the bridge. This damage will only occur once. This spell is casted in the same way as Rumble’s Equalizer and Viktor’s Death Ray and can go over terrain. Unlike Bard portal, champions can travel in both directions. The two edges of the bridge are impassible.

Mana Cost: 70

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Target Range: 800

Bridge Length: 650

Bridge Width: 450

Movement Speed Buff/Slow: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%

Magic Damage: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (0.3 AP) (+2.5% max hp)


R – Assimilation: Kol’Tul brings forth the Void itself to cover the battlefield. The AOE is completely covered in 1 second at all ranks of the ultimate. Enemy champions exposed to the Void are bitten by a Voidling and afflicted for 6 seconds. Afflicted champions damaged by Kol’Tul are impaled by a Void spire which stuns for 1 second and deals magic damage. This effect can only happen once. While the Void is present, and while Kol’Tul is within the Void radius, his abilities are augmented. Void Gate and Void Bridge’s damage is increased by 20%. Void Dome is augmented with a larger radius. It also will and only will disappear at the end of the ult duration, regardless of when it was casted.

Mana Cost: 100

Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 seconds

Target Range: 800

Effect Radius: 600 / 700 / 800

Void Duration: 6 / 8 / 10 seconds

Magic Damage: 150 / 250 / 350 (0.6 AP) (+2.5% max hp)

Void Dome Radius: 400 --> 550

Void Dome Duration: Remainder of Ult

I awoke in darkness. Or at least, what I assumed was darkness. I was free-floating. There was nothing to be seen. No sound. No sense of space-time. No other beings.

Why was I here? Where was here? What was my purpose? I had so many questions and yet none was there to answer. None could hear me. There was nothing I could do. I wasn’t even moving, just floating on an empty plane. Nothing to even stand o-

And as I watched, land unfurled before me. I still hadn’t moved. What was this? I took a step forward. Solid. I placed one hand firmly on the ground and focused. Out of nowhere, a tower erupted from the ground in front of me and spiraled to the sky. As I stared at the Expanse, the understanding of my full potential sunk in I could suddenly imagine the endless possibilities. I had the power of creation; I could build cities on a whim. I paused as curiosity overtook over my mind.

I closed my eyes; focused again, creating the image in my mind. I heard a squeal. I opened my eyes and beheld a simple, small, and unseemly creature. And it was beautiful. It flitted across my palms on its four legs, each of which had a thick, curved, and diamond-shaped outer shell. Its head was similarly shaped with two eyes. The third “eye” above the other two was an antenna, allowing it to be directed.  A creation of my own, living and breathing in front of me; and I had barely spent an ounce of energy. I set it on the ground and let it crawl away.

I placed my hands on the earth and forced my will into the terrain. My minions spawned in a circle around me and skittered around aimlessly, some bumping into one another while others stayed on their straight path, never wavering. I stayed this way for a time, building the bottom tier of the food chain in this biome I called my own. Soon, my world was rampant with them, all running around without direction and without purpose.

They reminded me of myself not so long ago. How long had it been? How long had I been floating before I awoke and gained awareness? It seemed instant, but there was no way to know for sure. No one remembers their earliest moments.

I set to work on my next project. A fully sentient creature with an innate hunger and the simplest of directives: to devour everything it came across. I needed to infuse its will with this craving, a never-ending feeling of not having enough. It was to be the perfect devourer and a terror to all it came across.

It took me far longer than I imagined it would, given how I’d perfected my minions on my first attempt. The leader of this species, the Zul’Gath, needed to be perfect as well. My frustration was growing; these creatures were important to my world, but they were not my passion. Infrastructure, cities, and architectural feats beyond my wildest dreams were where my true priorities lay. My seventy-third attempt materialized in front of me.

The organs came into existence, followed shortly by the skeleton. Three sets of limbs fulfilled three different purposes: movement, capture, and consumption. The bones needed to be sturdy, yet adaptive for infinite growth. I filled in the rest as necessity replaced imagination as the source of this creature’s development. A large mouth with rows of teeth for obvious reasons, sharp pincers for grabbing instead of hands, tough skin to protect its rear, and a proportional tail for balance. Finally, it was complete, my firstborn. Cho’Gath, I called it; the first of its species and the first in this world. I watched as it took in its surroundings, rather slowly it seemed. This didn’t faze me; a creature with the sole desire to feed didn’t need a large brain in its head, it needed a large mouth.

A nearby minion crossed its path. A piercing screech escaped Cho’Gath’s mouth as he made his way towards the minion, still largely unaware of its impending demise. It made for a quick feast as Cho’Gath’s first meal. I watched my child grow before my eyes. Not by much, but it was an undeniable fact. It was perfect. Delighted, I set to work on more and more. The Predator, with the need to evolve into the perfect hunter; the Eye, seeking omniscience.

After a time, however, I needed to move on. Though my creations brought me joy, I felt an unrelenting pull to create the setting for my world. Sprawling landscapes of spires and domes, caves and jungles, and all sorts of other abodes for my children. I set to work.

Patiently, I designed and built the groundwork. I expanded my world and created diversity: a flat desert wasteland for the Xer’Sai, a jungle of flora and fauna riddled with bioluminescent species for the entertainment and wonder of the Ung’Maw. With the completion of the wilderness, I began crafting the cities. I had just barely begun when a rift appeared out of nowhere. Something somewhere had caused a tear between my world and another. I looked through the portal and saw a city in a desert, full of bipeds like myself, but smaller and seemingly fragile. Suddenly, just as quickly as it’d opened, it disappeared; only a sliver of a tear in my world remained. I turned my attention to this imperfection and opened it again.

The same city appeared before me. Pillars as tall as I supported grotesque buildings. What was this horrendous place? It was nothing like my own perfectly developed world. The sight filled me with a familiar feeling, one I always felt whenever a creation of mine wasn’t flawless. I needed to cleanse this world. I knew that once I completed my own, I would be back for this one. I retreated into my universe as the rift closed behind me. As I returned to molding the city that would become my capital, a thought entered my mind: I could set my children loose upon that nightmare of a place. I could force that worlds’ inhabitants to learn what it was to be perfect. My children would wreak havoc upon that ugly domain and, in the process, feed their hungers. They would be a potent omen, paving the way for my inevitable entrance.

With this in mind, I put the future to the side and focused on the task in front of me. Nothing would distract me while I built my gates, my walls, and my cities.


Sometime later…


Since the beginning of time I have toiled. I have put every ounce of my being into this world, imbuing it with my dreams, my desires, and my hunger for more. But my work here is done now. This Expanse, this Void, as the Unclean call it, has become self-sustaining and my children rule themselves. Gone are the days of endless building. Gone are the days of creature experimentation, deleting the failures, and laboring yet again. 

This will be my legacy. This landscape of perfection before me shall forever be my greatest creation.

But it won’t be my last.

One day I will return to my realm, but it’s time for the Unclean to be cleansed. I will be the one to bring Valoran to its knees. Their heroes will shiver and quake as they hide behind their pathetic defenses. Their cities will turn to rubble and be replaced by buildings of my design. They think they know fear because of a few of my children? They know nothing, and in my presence, they will learn.

I prepared the bridge and the light of Valoran shimmered into view. On the other side, I saw the city I beheld so long ago. I crossed the bridge and made my first steps in the world of the Unclean. Remnants of a long-forgotten city, rubble splayed everywhere, and not a living soul to be seen nor heard. The bipeds I once laid eyes on were gone. I ran my hand along the length of a nearby pillar. Its path left Void energy in its wake and the pillar exploded into pieces. I scoffed. Such weak craftsmanship.

I approached the center of the grounds. This is where I would begin. Intricate carvings were etched into a circle. A prayer to an ancient god, perhaps. I surveyed the broken city and scoffed again. Not a very good one.

I placed my hands to the ground and channeled my will. The Void materialized from nothing; purple towers erupted from beneath the earth and spiraled towards the sky as the surrounding buildings crumbled. The brown and dusty structures of old gave way to my perfect architectural creations. As the final spire came to a stop, I built my dome over the runic circle, its carvings disintegrating into nothingness. Some might call it blasphemy; I call it cleansing.

Although my first purge of Valoran was complete, I felt empty and…bored. There was no joy in this. I knew that all corners of this world needed to be cleaned, no matter how small, but an already-shattered kingdom was by no means an accomplishment. It was nothing to be proud of. I called upon the knowledge of my children since everything they learned simultaneously transferred to me. I looked to the heavens to get my bearings. This world’s sun sets in the west. Utterly backwards, but a god doesn’t waste time and concern on such inconsequential matters. I remembered the name of a region northwest of here.

Demacia, was it?



[WIP] Luna, The Painter